Welcome to the home of HYBRID EVENTS

We are the physical and virtual venues allowing you to create a single, seamless experience between in-person and virtual attendees.

What are Hybrid Events?

Reach your audiences. Everywhere.

We have developed the most efficient and affordable way to reach both audiences by combining physical and virtual spaces into a single seamless experience both audiences get to be part of.

The Slopes EVNTS CENTER – Draper, Utah

The Only True Hybrid Venue

  • Virtual Space
  • Physical Space
General SessionGeneral Session
Modular Virtual Lobby
Virtual Breakout Rooms
Real-Time Interactive Tools & Games
Virtual Expo Floor
Large Lobby & 1K Seat Auditorium
State-Of-The-Art Audio Visual
Up To 5 Breakout Rooms
On-Site Amenities
  • PModular virtual lobby with virtual booths, virtual rooms and networking tools
  • PLarge lobby with sponsor, registration, networking, and lounge spaces
  • PVirtual general session and breakout rooms, with live chat, Q&A, and real-time interactive tools
  • PComfortable 1,000 seat auditorium with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and up to 5 breakout rooms
  • PVirtual expo floor and virtual sponsor booths with live video, live chat and sponsor profiles
  • POn-site amenities for exhibits and sponsor booths with spaces designed to drive engagement

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Our walkthrough experience is also hybrid. Choose an in-person walkthrough, a virtual walkthrough or both.

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