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We are the physical and virtual venues allowing you to create a single, seamless experience between in-person and virtual attendees.

What are Hybrid Events?

An event composed by virtual and in-person audiences

We have developed the most efficient and affordable way to reach both audiences by combining physical and virtual spaces into a single seamless experience both audiences get to be part of.

The Slopes EVNTS CENTER – Draper, UT

The First True Hybrid Venue in Utah

  • Virtual Space
  • Physical Space
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Hybrid Events. Made Easy.


Virtual Lobby

Modular Virtual Lobby with virtual sponsor booths, resource center, live announcements & quick links

Virtual Auditorium

The most important virtual room for a virtual audience with real-time interactive tools, video chat, and Q&A

Virtual Breakout Rooms

These are the rooms your audience can choose between with the same UI and features as the Virtual Auditorium

Remote Presenter Portal

Our Remote Presenter Portal allows us gather all remote presenters into a virtual waiting room before they are moved to a virtual stage to present to both, virtual and in-person audiences

Virtual Sponsors

This feature allows our clients to place dynamic sponsor content in the Virtual Lobby, the Virtual Auditorium and all Virtual Breakout Rooms

Live Chat & Video Chat

Our chat tools give virtual attendees the option to engage via a live chat or if they chose to, via the video chat option. This is a favorite among our clients since many virtual attendees aren’t always “picture ready” when logging on in the mornings.

Moderation Tool

The most useful tool for maintaining the virtual attendees engaged, updated and within company culture parameters



Advanced AV, Custom Lighting, HD Video & High-End Audio

All of our venues are equipped with premium, high-definition audio visual infrastructure designed specifically for conferences, presentations, meetings and corporate events

Custom Stage Elements

EVNTS features a strong product offering which includes creative and custom manufacturing. From pre-made stage props to advanced, custom design and build options

Banquet & Theater Style Seating

Our in-house set up teams paired with our corporate venues are able to offer a multitude of seating styles including “pocket style” which was designed to maintain proper distance between groups



The Slopes EVNTS Center provides a large, comfortable and modern auditorium for high-end in-person and virtual meetings and events. It features robust audio visual infrastructure and easy to use presentation tools

Breakout Rooms

Our Breakout Rooms at The Slopes are modern, spacious and include the necessary audio visual to produce a proper event experience for both, in-person and virtual attendees

Lobby / Expo Floor

With a lobby footprint of 3,500 sq feet, and on-site tables, linens, chairs and couches, The Slopes is capable of offering our clients and their sponsors a space to showcase their products and services

Print & Digital Signage

With hundreds of square feet of brandable real estate and custom print products, we provide the most affordable spaces to showcase your company’s products and services

Why our clients win with us


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